B6 T plug Parallel charging Board

B6 T plug Parallel charging Board


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B6 B8 B6AC A6 720i Pl8 parallel charging board conversion board adapter board expansion board and charging board

1. Built-in short-circuit protection function
2. Support 3 sets of parallel charging board combined use (you can charge 18 sets of batteries of the same nature at the same time)
3. 20Z ultra-thick copper pois can withstand current 80A continuously
4. It can avoid excessive use of a single battery charging, thus improving the balancing efficiency, the later stages of the balancing charging cycle are greatly shortened.
5. The charging time is only that of a single battery, thus saving charging time.
6. Avoid the trouble of repeated battery replacement.

Color box packaging: one adapter board and one adapter cable.

Charging steps: (with wiring instructions)
1. Connect the two ends of the balanced cable to the balanced terminals of the balanced charger and the balanced charging board respectively, as shown in the figure
2. Connect the power terminals of the balanced charging board to the balanced charger 3.
Connect the battery to the battery board. Insert the balance head first, then connect to the battery output.

Set the charging voltage (same for a single battery) and current. The current setting method is as follows:
I:Total Current.
I:the charge current of every battery. The charging current
of n: the quantity of barrery. The total number of batteries
Note: If the maximum output current of your balanced battery is less than the total current “I”, please set the current of the charger to the maximum value.
The maximum current of this balanced charging board is 80A. The voltage of the battery must be the same when charging, and the capacity and discharge rate can be set arbitrarily. After several balancing, the voltage will be more balanced and the voltage difference will be smaller.
Warning: If you only need to charge less than 6 battery packs, please put the housing on the T-plug or any other plug you are currently using to avoid accidents. When charging, each T plug has electricity.
According to the different balance heads currently on the market, there are four types of our balance charging boards: JST-XH, THUNDER POWER(TP), HYPERION(HP) and EH(KOkam), you can choose one of them according to your battery , but we usually use JST-XH. The functions and principles of these four types of charging pads are the same.
If your battery pack’s plug is XT60, JST, etc., you can buy the type of charging pad you need.
Suitable for LiPo batteries LiFe and Li-Ion batteries .


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