6s 15A lipo battery BMS

6s 15A lipo battery BMS


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6 strings of lithium ion batteries) 6 strings of 22V power tool solar lighting 18650 special ternary 3.7V lithium battery protection board BMS protection board, size: 50*32*3mm. Battery protection board, as the name suggests, battery protection board is mainly for rechargeable (general Refers to the integrated circuit board that protects the lithium battery. Lithium battery (rechargeable type) needs protection because of its own characteristics. Since the material of the lithium battery itself determines that it cannot be overcharged, overdischarged, overcurrent, short circuited, and ultra-high temperature charging and discharging, the lithium battery components of the lithium battery will always appear with a protection board with a sampling resistor and a current fuse.

Weight: Board=8g/PCS

Electrical parameters: (6 strings of lithium-ion batteries)

  details specification unit Remarks
Discharge .Large discharge current 15 A
Instantaneous discharge current 25 A
Recharge Charging voltage 25.5 V
recharging current 15 (MAX) A
Overcharge protection Overcharge detection voltage 4.28±0.05 V
Overcharge protection delay 0.1 S
Overcharge release voltage 4.08±0.05 V
Power balance Cell balance detection voltage / V
Cell balance release voltage / V
Cell balance current / mA
Over discharge protection Overdischarge detection voltage 2.55±0.08 V
Over-discharge detection delay 0.1 S
Overdischarge release voltage 2.9±0.1 V
Overcurrent protection Overcurrent detection voltage 150 mV
Overcurrent detection delay 9 MS
Overcurrent protection current 30±3 A
Overcurrent protection release conditions Disconnect load
Short circuit protection Short circuit protection conditions Short circuit of external load
Short circuit detection delay 250 uS
Short circuit protection release condition Disconnect the negative switch
Temperature protection Temperature protection  / °C  As required
Internal resistance Main circuit conduction internal resistance ≤20
Self-consumption Working current ≤30 uA
Sleep current (when the battery is over-discharged) ≤10 uA
Operating temperature temperature range -30/+80 °C