Suoer ST-W1250 12V 50A PWM Solar Charge Controller

Suoer ST-W1250 12V 50A PWM Solar Charge Controller


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1. PWM charging mode
2. LCD display
3. Set real time clock
4. Auto voltage identification
5. Light control mode,Time control mode
6. Reverse connecting protection
7. Hanging style design makes it convenient to install
8. 2 USB charging interface(5V 1A)
Working Mode
There are several common working mode of solar controller:

1. Button Mode (Manual switching load)
2. Light Controlled Mode (Load switch is controlled by solar panels
photosensitive control and timing control)
3. Light control turn on delay off mode.
4. Circulation model (With Clock Fuction)


This PWM Solar Charge controller has four protections, which are Overload protection, short-circuit protection, Over Voltage Protection, Low Voltage Protection.


Solar Power Controller of light and night away less than 10 ma power flow, ideal for small power solar products, such as solar street lamp light, streetlight, DC Load, illumination, solar power system and so on.


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