ST-F1220 PWM 12V 20A Solar Charge Controller

ST-F1220 PWM 12V 20A Solar Charge Controller


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PWM Solar Controller


MCU Control

PWM charging mode

Solar charging system

Light-control technology, applicable for streetlamps

digital tube displays working state

Water-proof, Moiseture-proof, Dust-proof (IP67 grade)

Automatically identify the battery voltage (12V/24V)

Low loss,high efficiency


ST-F1220 ST-F1230
To adapt to the battery voltage To adapt to the battery:12v/24v(battery<6v:12v system battery>18v:24v System
Rating Charger Voltage 12v:Open loop voltage 18-24v Standard Specifications Solar Panels(24v battery*2)
Rating Charger Current 20A 30A
Rated Output Current 20A 30A
Maximum Output Current 24A 35A
Short Circuit Protection Three times the rated short circuit current fast protection
Rating Charger Voltage 14.2V(24V Battery*2)
Under-voltage Protection Voltage 10.5V(24V Battery*2)
Owe Pressure Recovery Voltage 12.5V(24V Battery*2)
Load Overload Automatic Recovery Time 30S
Waterproof Level IP67
Stand-by Power Consumption <20mA
Overall Dimensions 108mm*100mm*30mm 128mm*100mm*30mm
Installation of Fixed Size 91mm*55mm 91mm*75mm
Product Weight(G.W) 0.21KG 0.24KG


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