Sunwai analog multimeter YX-360TR

Sunwai analog multimeter YX-360TR


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This instrument YX-360TR is a portable multitester designated for measurement of weak current circuits.

Panel face protection cover which serves also as a stand is employed.

Our technology has made it possible to measure high resistance( up to maximumm 200MΩ) with low voltage.

Overload protection circuit up to maximum 230V is provided.



*1 Not including the resistance of the fuse.

*2 Pointer indication ofthemaximum moveby charged current in the capacitor.

1.General Specifications:
Items Specification
Circuit protection The circuit is orotected by fuse even

when voltage of up to AC 230V

is impressed on each range for 5 seconds.

Internal battery R6(IEC) or UM-3 1.5Vx2,0062p(9v)
Internal fuse 0.5A/250V 5.2mm dia x20 mm
Stadard calibration temp

and humidity range

23±2°C 45-75%rRH
Operating temoreature

and huidity range

 0-40°C80% RH max., No condensation
Witstand voltage  3KV AC(1min.)between input terminal and case
product size: 14.9*11.1*4.5cm
product weigh 233.5/295G(without battery)
Accessories the masterpiece,One copy of instruction,color box
Packing informaiton color box,40pcs/carton
2.Measurement Range and Accuracy
Function Accuracy Remarks
 DCV 0.1 ±5% against full scale  input impedance 20k Ω/V
 DCV 0.25/2.5/10/50 ±3% against full scale  input impedance 20k Ω/V
 DCV  250/1000 ±3% against full scale  Input impedance 9k Ω/V
 ACV  10/50/250/1000 ±4% against full scale  Input impedance 9k Ω/V

30Hz-100kHz within 3%f.s.(AC 10V range)

 DCA  50u ±3% against full scale  *1   Voltage drop 0.1v
 DCA  2.5m/25m/0.25 ±3% against full scale  *1   Voltage drop 0.25v
  Ω  2k/20k/2M


±3% of arc Center value 20 Ω

Max.value 2k Ω

release voltage 3v

 Ω  20M(X10K) ±5% of arc  Center value 20 Ω

Max.value 2k Ω

release voltage 3v

 C  10uF  ____  *2
 dB  -10dB~0~+22dB

(for 10VAC)~+62dB

 ____  Input impedancce 9k Ω/
 LI 0~150mA atx1 range

0-15mA  atx10 range     0~150uA atx1k range

0~1.5uA atx100k range

 current across test pins
 Ues the  optional probe


 hFE  1000 ATX 10 RANGE  hFE-6T PRODE


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