Soil Humidity and Conductivity sensor 4-20mA

Soil Humidity and Conductivity sensor 4-20mA


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  Price 0-5V 0-10V 4-20mA RS485 high sensitive integrated soil salinity conductivity soil ec sensor

Product overview

The soil conductivity sensor is suitable for the measurement of total soil salinity (conductivity).The soil conductivity sensor greatly facilitates the evaluation of soil conditions by the customer system..
Compared with the original high-precision sensor in Germany, it has high precision, fast response and stable output.Applicable to all kinds of soil.Can be buried in the soil for a long time, resistance to long-term electrolysis, corrosion resistance, vacuum filling sealing, completely waterproof.


It is widely used in scientific experiments, water-saving irrigation, greenhouse greenhouses, flowers and vegetables, grassland and pasture, soil velocity measurement, plant culture, sewage treatment, electrical conductivity measurement.


output signal: 4-20mA

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