P10 Outdoor Red LED Display

P10 Outdoor Red LED Display


The P10 Outdoor Red LED Display is a robust and weather-resistant display solution designed for outdoor advertising, information dissemination, and public messaging. It utilizes red LED modules arranged in a 10mm pitch, offering clear visibility even in daylight conditions. The display is suitable for various applications where long-distance viewing and high visibility are essential.

Key Features:

  • LED Pitch: 10mm (distance between the centers of two adjacent LEDs)
  • Color: Red
  • Brightness: Adjustable brightness levels for different lighting conditions
  • Module Size: Typically 320mm x 160mm per module
  • Resolution: Variable, based on the size of the display (e.g., 32×16 pixels for a single module)
  • Viewing Angle: Wide viewing angle to ensure visibility from different perspectives
  • Weather Resistance: Designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions (IP65 rating for waterproof and dustproof)
  • Control System: Compatible with various control systems for easy content management and scheduling
  • Installation: Modular design for easy assembly and maintenance
  • Power Consumption: Efficient power usage suitable for continuous operation

Technical Specifications:

  • Pixel Configuration: Typically 1R (1 red LED per pixel)
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Power Supply: Standard AC power supply (specific voltage and current requirements may vary)
  • Refresh Rate: High refresh rate to prevent flickering and ensure smooth display of content
  • Control Interface: Typically supports RS485, RS232, Ethernet, or wireless control protocols
  • Dimensions: Varies based on the size and configuration of the display
  • Weight: Dependent on the size and materials used
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS compliant


  • Outdoor Advertising: Ideal for displaying advertisements, promotions, and brand messaging.
  • Public Information: Used in transportation hubs, stadiums, and public spaces for displaying schedules, directions, and announcements.
  • Events: Suitable for events, concerts, and exhibitions for displaying event information and sponsor messages.
  • Retail: Used by retail stores for outdoor promotions and attracting customers.
  • Safety Messaging: Can display emergency messages and alerts in public safety applications.

For detailed technical information, refer to the P10 Outdoor Red LED Display Datasheet

Manufacturer: Typically specified by the brand or distributor

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