Hey guys, this is your hardware friend kayode. Hope you have been good? Well today we will focus on reading analog voltage with our arduino. Signals that we make use of and that surround us are usually analog that is they vary with time. A good example of an analog signal is the electricity supply we have in our homes. It is a sine wave that varies with time. Since we now know that the […]

Automatic water level indicator and controller using ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04)

  Hey guys, this is kayode and together over the next couple of weeks we will be unboxing some really cool projects ranging from home automation systems to home security systems. At the end of each project am very sure that putting together your own project will not be a problem. Let’s get started. In our day to day activities, it is common to have shortage of water or overflow of water in our storage […]

Arduino Kit Tutorials: Measuring Temperature and Humidity with DHT11

Introduction Another cool sensor present in the Hub360 Arduino kit is the DHT11 temperature and Humidity sensor. The DHT11 is a low cost temperature and humidity sensor that operates using the 1-wire protocol. it features a calibrated digital signal output with the temperature and humidity sensor complex. Its technology ensures the high reliability and excellent long-term stability. This sensor includes a resistive element and a sense of wet NTC temperature measuring devices. It has excellent quality, […]

Arduino Kit Tutorials: Measuring Distance with the Ultrasonic Sensor

Hi guys, this is the second tutorial in a series of tutorial planned to get beginners up to speed with electronics using the hub360 Arduino Kit. For this tutorial, we will be focusing on another interesting sensor present in our arduino kit, the versatile ultrasonic sensor. We will learn the principles of operation of this sensor and figure out how to use it with arduino.   Principle Of Operation The Ultrasonic sensor sends out high […]

Arduino Kit Tutorials: Interfacing the PIR Motion Sensor with Arduino

Hi guys, this is the first tutorial in a series of tutorials to get beginners up to speed on using the components present in our Arduino kit.To follow this tutorial series, I will advise you grab one of the kits from our store here. Today’s tutorial will focus on the PIR Motion sensor and we will discuss its principle of operation and how to interface it with the Arduino. Introduction PIR(passive Infrared) Motion sensors allow the […]

Arduino Tutorials {Episode 3}: DigitalIO 2

Hi guys, this week we’re going to go a bit further in DigitalIO, Last week we explored the blink project, where we made an LED Blink, pretty simple and straightforward. What we have for this week is tocontrol an LED based on input from a push button. Basically to toggle the LED state using the push button. So let’s get started, shall we? Required components Arduino UNO (or basically any Arduino board) An LED (Blue, […]

Raspberry Pi Tutorial : {Episode 3} Setting up and running in Headless Mode (Part B)

Hi guys, welcome to today’s tutorial, I will be showing you how to view the raspberry pi GUI on your windows 10 computer. I recommend you go through the part A of this episode if you haven’t before going through this. The last tutorial I showed you how to SSH into your raspberry pi using a windows 10 computer, but hey! Not everyone likes to work on the terminal, so you will be able to […]

Arduino Tutorials {Episode 2}: Digital IO

Hi guys, welcome to this week’s arduino tutorial. This is our second episode! This episode we’re going to dive deeper than our blink hack last week, the theme is DigitalIO! Digital signals are the way computers, microcontrollers, communicate with each other at a very low level. Digital signals coming into/from microcontrollers like the Arduino I/O board are boolean in nature, i.e can only take two possible values: HIGH or LOW,1 or 0, ON or OFF, […]

Weekend Hacks: {Epispde 1} Weigh It

hi guys, welcome to the weekend DIY tutorials. Each weekend will feature cool tutorials that will teach you how to build different projects ranging from home automation to several other cool things and it will span the use of random microcontrollers and development platforms including, the popular arduino, Raspberry pi, Esp-boards, Particle photon, TI launchpad among others. For this week we will be building a weighing scale. Have you ever wanted to know the weight […]

Arduino Tutorial Series: Introduction

Hi guys, welcome to this arduino series, its great to be handling this set of tutorials for the hub360 community. These set of tutorials will take you on a journey where you will get to learn everything about the arduino in a sequential manner. The tutorial series will have something for everybody, from an arduino newbie to those with verse experience with microcontrollers but have never worked with the arduino. To jump right in, The […]