LM2596 Buck DC-DC power module

LM2596 Buck DC-DC power module


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  • With voltage meter display; voltage meter error of ±0.1V; the range among 0~40V. (note: to ensure the voltage meter accuracy, please make sure that the input voltage is 4.2V or more).
  • Voltage meter can be closed by long pressing button(minimum power loss).
  • The range of input voltage is 4.2~40V and output voltage is1.25V~37V ,which are continuously adjustable.(The input voltage must 1V higher than output voltage)
  • Maximum output current can be as high as 3A, but normal and stable working current is 2A.
  • Use 150KHZ internal oscillation frequency, which is belong to the second generation of switch voltage regulator with low consumption and high efficiency.

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