ACS712 current sensor 30A

ACS712 current sensor 30A


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The ACS712 30A current module is based on Allegro ACS712ELCTR-30A bi-directional hall-effect current sensor chip that detects AC or DC current. The maximum AC or DC that can be detected can reach 20A, and the present current signal can be read via analog I / O port of Arduino. The board operates at 5V DC and the current flow through the sensor is converted to an output voltage starting at 1/2Vcc (or 2.5V) for no current flow and moves up 100mV per amp for positive current or down -100mV per amp for negative current.

Sensing and controlling current flow is a fundamental requirement in a wide variety of applications including, over-current protection circuits, battery chargers, switching mode power supplies, digital watt meters, programmable current sources, etc.

Features and Specifications

  • Current sensor chip: ACS712ELC-30A
  • Measuring range: 30A.
  • When the current is 0, the output is the power midpoint voltage, isolated.
  • Pin 5V power supply
  • onboard power indicator;
  • The module can measure positive and negative 30 amp current, corresponding to the analog output 100mV / A;
  • When no detection current is passed, the output voltage is VCC/2;
  • The current to be detected is connected in series to the terminal;
  • PCB board size: 3.1cm/1.2’’ x 1.4 cm/0.55’’;
  • Weight: 10.5g


  • over-current protection circuits
  • battery chargers
  • switching mode power supplies
  • digital watt meters
  • programmable current sources
  • motor control
  • load detection and management


NB: ACS712 is based on the principle of Hall detection. Please try to avoid the influence of magnetic field when in use.