EC11 Rotary Encoder/ Audio Digital Potentiometer

EC11 Rotary Encoder/ Audio Digital Potentiometer


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Product Introduction:
EC11 encoder is also called chip encoder, switch encoder, rotary encoder, car encoder, etc. The EC11I encoder has 20 pulses and 20 positioning points, and the adjustment shaft half shank/threaded shank, etc., the shaft length interval is 20mm. No screws  EC11 series encoders are mainly used in automotive electronics, multimedia audio, instrumentation, household appliances, smart homes, computer peripherals, medical equipment and other fields. Please note that the encoder should not be stored in hot, humid and corrosive places. The unused products after unpacking should be stored in a moisture-proof and anti-virus environment.

Product parameter:

Operating temperature range: -30℃ to+80℃

Storage temperature range: -40℃ to+85℃

Rated voltage: DC 5V

Full rotation angle: 360 degrees (no stop point)

Rotation life: 30000+200 Cycles

Contact resistance: ≤100mΩ

Insulation resistance: above 100MΩ

Oscillation: ≤10mS press

Life: 20,000±200 times. (0.5 stroke)

         15,000±200 times. (1.5 stroke)


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