EC11 Rotary Encoder/ Audio Digital Potentiometer

EC11 Rotary Encoder/ Audio Digital Potentiometer


The EC11 is a versatile rotary encoder commonly used in various electronic devices for precise rotational input and control. It combines the functionality of a rotary encoder and, in some configurations, an audio digital potentiometer.

Key Features:

  • Encoder Type: Rotary encoder.
  • Functionality: Provides rotational input and control.
  • Resolution: Typically offers high resolution for accurate position detection.
  • Output: Digital signals (typically quadrature output) for rotational direction and speed.
  • Built-in Switch: Often includes a built-in push-button switch activated by pressing the shaft.
  • Optional Audio Digital Potentiometer: Some variants integrate a digital potentiometer feature for audio volume control.
  • Integration: Compact and designed for easy integration into various electronic circuits.
  • Operating Voltage: Typically operates at 5V DC.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Compact size suitable for integration into control panels, audio equipment, and electronic projects.
  • Mounting: Typically includes mounting holes or shaft for easy installation.
  • Durability: Designed for long-term reliability and durability.
  • Communication: Interfaces may include SPI, I2C, or simple digital signals depending on the model.


  • Audio equipment (with digital potentiometer feature)
  • Rotary input devices (e.g., volume controls)
  • Electronic instruments
  • Industrial control systems

For detailed technical information, refer to the EC11 datasheet.

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