4 Channel Remote control with receiver

4 Channel Remote control with receiver


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  1. please Solder A 104 capacitor with the motor for easy start and to avoid interference with the receiver board.
  2. the remote can control 2 motor, in forward and reverse directions.
  3. This remote is not for drones, but for toy car chasiss
  4. do not use Lithium batteries, they will destroy the board, use only AA batteries
  5. Available colours are Orange and Black( would be shipped randomly)


  1. Frequency: 27MHz
  2. Remote control voltage: 3v (2 AA battery)
  3. Receiver input voltage: 4.5V-6V (3-4 AA battery)
  4. Remote control distance: 10m
  5. Receiver Output Voltage: 3V suitable for 130, 140, and 260 motors
  6. Remote control Seize: 120*85*45mm (L,W,H)
  7. Receiver board seize: 42*27mm (L,W)
  8. Wiring method: the red wire is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, the black wire is connected to the negative pole; the 2 yellow and blue wires from B and F are connected to a motor, the 2 green and white wires from L and R are connected to a motor, and the white wire with a circled metal ring It is an antenna (the antenna that is matched is connected to this). L and R indicate the wiring left and right steering motors, B and F indicate the front and rear motors.

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