30 inch Big Base flex connector F/F

30 inch Big Base flex connector F/F


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FFC(Flexible Flat Cable)/FCP  usually refers to the extremely thin flat cable often found in high density electronic applications. The cable usually consists of a flat and flexible plastic film base, with multiple metallic conductors bonded to one surface.

The end of each cable is reinforced with a stiffener to make insertion easier or to provide strain relief. The cable usually used in high density electronic applications like laptops and scanners.

Features and Specifications

  • Weight: 211 ounces
  • length: 30 inches
  • Poduct Type: Flexible Flat Cable F/F
  • Cable Type: A/B type- Refer to Picture
  • Pitch:0.5mm


Widely used in the connection between:

  • the head of the printer and the motherboard
  • signal transmission and board connection of plotters scanners, copiers, stereos, LCD appliances, fax machines, and various DVD players.


Selection Guide

  • Type A: The two ends are on the same side and the reinforcing plate is attached to the insulating tape.
  • Type B: The reinforcing plates are crossed and directly pasted on the insulating tape.


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