22 in 1 Flight simulator

22 in 1 Flight simulator


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This is a flight simulation package that is compatible with a wide range of simulators available in the market, such as the AeroFly full series, Pheonix RC, Realflight G3 – G7. The package comes with installation packages for several simulators and the package serial number for G7 simulator.

Remote Control Support

Tiandifei, JR, FUTABA, Horizon, Walkera, Fuss (FS), Ledi, KDS (Gulang), Lanyu, etc.


Installation Environment

XP, WIN7, WIN8, Vista, WIN10


G7 simulator expansion package serial number

  1. 27418829-E1-5140106092
  2. 22850737-E2-3850104361
  3. 78396652-E3-7440103834
  4. 13144997-E4-6630107326
  5. 78779710-E5-8790101628
  6. 67920032-E6-7880104031
  7. 90638630-E7-7730148192
  8. 64658044-E8-1910121237

9 35589764-H1-0040109905

10 49778064-A1-004010999


  • It is used for RC flight training and simulation
  • It is used for Flight controller calibration.

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