200kg load cell

200kg load cell


A load cell is a force sensing module – a carefully designed metal structure, with small elements called strain gauges mounted in precise locations on the structure. Load cells are designed to measure a specific force, and ignore other forces being applied. The electrical signal output by the load cell is very small and requires specialized amplification.


Precision C2
Comprehensive error (%FS) ±0.02
Rated output (mV/V) 2.0±0.2
Creep(%F.S/30min) ±0.02/±0.017
Zero balance(%F.S) ±1.0
Input resistance(Ω) 405±10
Insulation resistance(MΩ) ≥5000(100VDC)
Output resistance(Ω) 350±3
Temp. effect on span(%F.S/10°C) ±0.02
Temp. effect on zero(%F.S/10°C) ±0.03
Compensated temp. range(°C ) -10~+40
Use temp. range(°C ) -20~+60
Excitation voltage(V) 9~12(DC)
Safe overload (%F.S) 120
Ultimate overload (%F.S) 150
Protection class IP65
Wiring schematic diagram Red: Input ( + ) White: Output ( – )
Black: Input ( – ) Green: Output ( + )