12V Automotive Battery System Analyzer VICTOR 3015

12V Automotive Battery System Analyzer VICTOR 3015


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A  Professional 12V or 24V Car Battery Tester, VICTOR 3015/3025/3026 Battery Tester 12V 24V Car Motorcycle Battery System Analyzer with 100 – 1700CCA Cranking Charging Electrical Test Tools.

3025 Series is mainly targeted to analyze the battery healthy status to calculate the actual cold cranking, capability of the battery and the aging extent, which provide reliable analysis evidence for the test and maintenance of the battery. It notifies the users to replace battery in advance when the battery is getting aged.

Rich parameters measured and displayed for battery diagnose.

Technical Data

  • Easily read out conclusion of battery condition good/OK/pay attention/replace as suggestion.
  • Overload protection keeps operator always safe.
  • Loose lead detection, reverse polarity protection, unit conversion CCA/IEC/EN/DIN.

Features and Specifications 

  • Model: VICTOR 3015
  • Battery type: Lead- acid battery
  • Battery voltage: 12V
  • Battery range: 100-1700CCA
  • Voltage range: DC 9-18V
  • Battery capacity: 30AH~200AH
  • battery standards: CCA:100~1700;IEC:100~1000;EN:100~1700;DIN:100~1000
  • Operating temperature: -18℃~50℃
  • Operating Language: English
  • Testing method:  4-wire Kelvin test connection
  • Display Battery Internal Resistance: Display ohms
  • Display Battery Voltage: Display volts
  • Display Battery condition: Good/ok/attention/replace
  • Ah Input Quick Test: yes
  • Maximum Load Test: yes
  • Charging system Test: yes
  • Engine Cranking Load Test: yes
  • Display Battery Status of Health(SOH): yes
  • Reverse Polarity Protection: yes
  • Loose Lead Detection:  yes
  • Overload Protection: yes
  • Cable Length: 700mm


  • Used for 12V batteries to check
  • Battery status
  • Starting voltage
  • Battery power
  • Battery life
  • Battery internal resistance



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