DIY Greeting Card

In the spirit of the Yuletide season, we thought it’d be nice for makers of all ages to make something for the season. So today we will be creating an awesome DIY Electronics based greeting cards. Asides the fact that this will teach the concepts of basic electronics, it may be an opportunity for families to bond by building something together. So grab the cardboard Dads and the Markers Moms, lets have some fun. Components […]

Raspberry Pi 3 interfacing with 1602 LCD Display

hi guys, welcome to this tutorial. It’s safe to say 80% of the projects you will do with the raspberry pi will be without a screen due to its effectiveness as a server, or at most, the projects will be with a touch screen or a monitor, so this tutorial could be said to exist for those 20% projects for which we may need the 1602 LCD Display. In this tutorial, I will show you […]

Raspberry Pi 3 UART Communication with NEO 6mv2 Gps Module (Part B): Email Notification

Hi guys, Last tutorial, we got the data from the GPS module and did all the setup necessary to allow the PI communicate via Serial as we disabled the Mini UART and enabled the PL011 UART. For this second part of the tutorial, we will learn how to send data from the Pi to an email address and for this tutorial, we will be sending the GPS location data converted to a link, so the […]

Raspberry Pi 3 UART Communication with NEO 6mv2 Gps Module (Part A)

hi guys, today we will focus on doing something a lot of people have found difficult to do with the raspberry pi 3; Connecting components that use the UART communication mode, to the raspberry pi 3. The SoCs used on the Raspberry Pis have two built-in UARTs, a PL011  and a mini UART. They are implemented using different hardware blocks, so they have slightly different characteristics and capabilities. From the Raspberry pi 3 and pi zero(the […]

Sensors Monday: Ad8232 Heart rate sensor with Visualization via Arduino Serial Plotter, MATLAB and Processing

hi guys it’s sensors Monday! Sensors Monday is where we pick a random sensor from the hub360 stock and post an how to use tutorial about it. Today we will be talking about the AD8232 heart rate sensor and as described in the headline,  we will do the visualization using the Arduino serial plotter which is available in all Arduino IDE from version 1.6.7 upwards, Processing and MATLAB  so the scientific folks can also get a […]