ULINK2 emulator

ULINK2 emulator


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ARM emulator, the ULINK upgraded version of the emulator. The ULINK2 not only has ULINK emulator serial debug (SWD) support, return clock support real-time agent functions. Development engineers using a combination of the Real View MDK debugger and The ULINK2 easy target hardware on-chip debugging (using on-chip JTAG, SWD, and OCDS), Flash programming.Standard Windows USB driver supports Plug and Play ULINK2. Support the ARM Cortex-M3-based serial debug. Support during the execution of a program memory read and write, terminal emulation, and serial debug output. Support for 10-pin cable (also supports 20-pin cable)


  • USB high-speed communication interface to download user code
  • Storage Area / register View
  • Rapid single-step program runs
  • A variety of program breakpoints
  • Chip Flash programming

Technical Specifications:

  • Execution breakpoints (Set While Executing): V
  • Access breakpoint (ARM7 / 9): 2 max (R / W Only, With Value)
  • Access breakpoint (Cortex-M3): 4 max (With Value)
  • Trace History: X
  • Real-Time Agent: V
  • JTAG clock: <= 10MHz
  • JTAG RTCK Support (Return Clock): V
  • Memory R / W (Bytes / sec): 28K
  • Flash R / W (Bytes / sec): 25K
  • Single-Step (Fast) (Instructions / sec): 50