Tip127 PNP Transistor

Tip127 PNP Transistor


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Characteristics of TIP127 Transistor

  • Type – PNP
  • Collector-Emitter Voltage: -100 V
  • Collector-Base Voltage: -100 V
  • Emitter-Base Voltage: -5 V
  • Collector Current: -5 A
  • Collector Dissipation – 65 W
  • DC Current Gain (hfe) – 1000
  • Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range -65 to +150 °C
  • Package – TO-220
TIP127 equivalent circuit

Complementary NPN transistor

The TIP122 is a complementary NPN transistor for the TIP127.

Replacement and Equivalent for TIP127

You can replace the TIP127 with the 2N6042, 2N6042G, 2SB1020, 2SB1020A, 2SB1227, 2SB1228, 2SB1252, 2SB1252-P, 2SB1252-Q, 2SB1626, 2SB1626-O, 2SB1626-P, 2SB1626-Y, 2SB601, 2SB601-K, 2SB601-L, 2SB601-M, 2SB673, 2SB885, 2SB886, BDT62B, BDT62C, BDT64B, BDT64C, BDW47, BDW47G, BDW48, MJF127, MJF127G, MJF6668, MJF6668G, TIP107, TIP107G, TIP127G, TIP137, TIP137G, TIP147T or TTB1020B.


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