Portable Pulse Spot Welder

Portable Pulse Spot Welder


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Product features: 

⑴Small size

⑵Simple operation

⑶Hard appearance

⑷Using method

⑸Super high current


Product parameters:
battery capacity: 5AH
output voltage: 4.2V
output current: 500A
design current: 1000A
input parameters: 5V/2.1A
support welding: 0.1-0.2 nickel sheet, iron sheet, stainless steel
welding time: several milliseconds
Charging voltage: 4.5~ 5.5V (current≥2.5A)
Product size: 150*80*22MM
Shell material: hard aluminum alloy
Weight: a set of 467g 
Packing: neutral box


⑴ Host 
⑵ welding pen (30CM) * 2
③TYPE-charge line C

Purpose: This product is suitable for daily or small spot welding/butt welding work at home. It is automatically triggered without a switch, and the operation is convenient and quick.


1) It can be operated while charging and charging, and it will enter standby mode
when charging.

(2) It is recommended to charge once half a year when it is not used for a long time, and charge it to 75%.

(3) Continuous use of the soldering pen will cause hot phenomenon, it is recommended Wear gloves to

⑷Do not drop, water, heat, etc., which are harmful to the electronics.

⑸The black tip of the soldering pen will affect the effect.It can be worn off with sandpaper.

⑹If the spot welding is too long or the shutdown is due to good contact, just restart it.


Parts introduction 

①Gear ②Remaining battery power ③Run/standby ④⑤Connecting terminal of soldering pen 


Boot up Click the button 
Shut down 1. Double-click the button ⑥;
2. Automatically shut down after three minutes of standby
Gear adjustment Button ⑦ is for gear adjustment, click to change gears, the cycle is first gear>second gear>third gear>fourth gear>standby
Standby 1. After the fourth gear, click again to enter the standby state ;
2. Enter the standby state without spot welding for more than 30 minutes .
spot welding After turning on the machine, select the required gear and touch the welding object with the welding pen to spot welding.
Precautions for Spot Welding 1. In the spot welding mode, please fix the spot welding objects;
2. Please keep the welding objects in a flat state;
3. Keep the cooling time about 10S after welding


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