Plato 170 Cutter

Plato 170 Cutter


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Exquisite and compact, light and handy, the overall weight is only 58 grams.

Exquisite and comfortable handle design, feel particularly good. Lightweight spring design, easy to open the bite, and can prevent fatigue during use.

The scientific oblique mouth and flat mouth design, the knife-edge bite neatly and tightly. You can gently cut the 0.1MM wire thinner than hair.

Made of special high-speed tool steel, the hardness reaches 58 degrees. It can easily cut various soft metal wires under 1.6mm and iron wires under 0.8mm.

Especially suitable for cutting wires, electronic feet, trimming plastic products, cutting small metal wires, etc. Used for repairs in the electronics industry, jewelry processing, model making and fishing, etc.

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