MCU-955 MMA9555L pedometer module

MCU-955 MMA9555L pedometer module


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This is an intelligent motion-sensing pedometer and 3-axis accelerometer module which is used to measure sports activity level. The module is able to calculate the number of steps taken while walking, jogging and running. Also, the module consumes as much as 117 uA which is suitable for the battery-powered project.

Technical Specifications:

Model CJMCU-955x
Chipset MMA9555L
Input Voltage 3.3 VDC
Operating Voltage 1.71 to 1.89 VDC
Operating current 117 uA (Pedometer) and 87 uA (Accelerometer)
Accelerometer ±2/±4/±8 g
Protocol IIC and SPI
ADC resolution 10, 12, 14 and 16 bits
Dimension 29*18 mm
Weight 3 g