LCD Digital Clamp Multimeter-DT266

LCD Digital Clamp Multimeter-DT266


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Features :

DT266 AC/DC LCD digital clamp multimeter electronic testing meter, measuring DC and AC voltage, AC current, resistance and diode, with continuity buzzer and data hold function.

This Digital LCD Multimeter can test Voltmeter Ohmmeter Ammeter, and also it has 3-1/2 digital LCD screen, the maximum display value of 1999.

Good assistant to Test and Troubleshoot faults that exist in electronic device,
Low voltage symbol is displayed, Overload protection with Continuity measurement, and more, the High accuracy of function range.
Compact, reliable and economical, ideal for all toolboxes and pockets, last but not least, it can be measured up to 6 cm in diameter wire.
Specification :
Model Number : DT266
Style : Classic Clamp Digital Multimeter

Display Type : Digital Only, 3 1/2 digit LCD maximum display value 1999
Measuring voltage range : 0-1000V

Measuring current range : 0-1000A

DC voltage : 1000V (0.5% +1 dgt)
AC voltage : 750V (1% +4 dgt)
AC current : 200A-1000A (2% +5 dgt)
Resistance : 200-2000M (2% +2 dgt)
Measuring resistance range : 0-2000m ohM
Power Supply :1604 6F22 006P 9V battery (this clamp multimeter includes battery)
Storage Temperature : -10°C to 50°C
Product size : 230 x 66 x 35mm
Weight : Approx. 400g
Package Includes :
1 x DT266 AC/DC Digital Clamp Multimeter
2 x Multimeter Test Lead
1 x Battery for your convenient work
1 x English User Manual
1 x Carry Case