9V 220ma 2watt polycrystallinesolar panel

9V 220ma 2watt polycrystallinesolar panel


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You Probably have a good project that needs some good power, and you are considering free power from the sun. Check out this high quality, high output 9V 220ma 2watt polycrystalline solar panel, The panel is capable of 2watts in the open sun with a peak power output around 9V at 220mA. Each panel also features polycrystalline high efficiency cells, With robust sealing for out door applications this solar panel is incredibly durable and reliable!


Technical Specifications:

  • Polycrystalline cells
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 10.0V
  • Peak Voltage: 9.0V
  • Peak Current: 220mA
  • Peak Power: 2.0 Watts