4000w High power Thyristor 220VAC to10-220VAC

4000w High power Thyristor 220VAC to10-220VAC


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This 4000w High power Thyristor 220VAC to 10-220VAC is mainly used for resistive loads (electric heating incandescent lamps, etc.), most of the single-phase AC motors are also included, but they are not guaranteed. Other types of loads should be confirmed before use. The 4000W regulator’s voltage regulation range can be smoothly adjusted from 10V-220V, which is more suitable for industrial enterprises that need low-voltage driving heating wire. The fuse is not omnipotent and has a reaction time. If the current is too large, the module may burn out besides burning the fuse.

Note: that the plastic cover on the connector cannot be completely opened due to the installation of the outer casing. your screwdriver should be twisted at a slight angle. In addition, be careful when opening it. If the force is too large, the cover may be easily broken.

Note: that the load must be connected before the voltage is adjusted.


Technical Specifications:

  • Product Name: 4000W AC Voltage Regulator
  • SCR model: BTA41600B
  • Size: length 85* width 55* height 38mm, knob inner hole 6mm.
  • Maximum power: 4000W (resistive load limit power), power consumption should be reduced for a long time.
  • Efficiency: 90% or more
  • Working voltage: AC 220V
  • Adjusting voltage: AC 10-220V



It is used for driving single phase AC motors.

Used with Electrical heating Incandescent lamps etc.

Also used as a Fan speed control.

Light Dimming