12V 1.3ah battery

12V 1.3ah battery


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A 12V 1.3Amp  rechargeable AGM (absorbent glass mat) backup battery, maintenance free and reliable sealed lead acid battery during power failures and load shedding . It can be placed either horizontally or vertically.


They are have wide variety of applications such as in:
• Garage door openers
• Roll-up garage door including Et Dc Blue and centurion
• General purpose electronics
• Telecommunication equipment
• Portable battery appliances


  • Brand: Security-Prod
  • Technology: sealed lead acide battery
  • Nominal Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 1.3AH
  • Terminals: T1
  • Battery Dimensions: 97mm(l) x 43mm(w) x 52mm(h)
  • Battery dimensions incl. terminals: 97mm(l) x 43mm(w) x 58mm(h)
  • Battery weight: 600g

• Store in a clean and dry space
• Keep out of direct sunlight
• Keep terminals protected and covered during storage
• Keep out of reach of children and pets

  • charged regularly with the correct charger to prolong the use of the battery