12.6v Power Adapter with crocodile clip

12.6v Power Adapter with crocodile clip


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This is a universal 12v, 2A switching power supply with plug jack F5.5 x F2.1 x 10 mm (inside”+”, outside”-“) and a detachable¬† crocodile clip which makes it suitable for a wide range devices that require operating voltage 12v dc and current 2A or less (eg:12v 1A, 12v 500mA…), perfect fit for Arduino power supply, breadboard power supply, led strip/ desk table lights, and also good for some small electronics, such as tv, recorders, DVD players, monitors, keyboards, digital frame, external harddrive, speakers, stereo, humidifiers, ps2, ps3, nails machine, modem, cb radio.The casing is made up of an ABS plastic, exquisite appearance, high temperature wear-resistant and durable.