Controlling Arduino Using Smartphone via Bluetooth

                Hey there guys, this is your hardware friend Kayode.  Today we will be controlling the arduino input/output pins via Bluetooth. It will be cool to be able to control an appliance remotely from the comfort of your bed, right? I think so too. The Bluetooth module that we will be using is the HC-05 Bluetooth module that comes on a breakout board. So we will connect this module […]


Hey there guys, it’s your hardware friend Kayode and today we will be unboxing the functionalities of a shift register. The shift register we will be using is the SN74HC595 from Texas instruments. As you build exciting projects with the arduino, you might already be thinking: “What happens when I run out of pins?”.  Blinking of LEDs in various patterns seems to be the most popular project implemented on the arduino platform. The most popular […]


Hey there guys, it’s your hardware friend kayode and together today we will be focusing on the TSOP1738 IR receiver. The TSOP1738 belongs to the TSOP17xx family. The xx represents the modulating frequency which in the case of the TSOP1738 is 38Khz. IR Transmitter and receiver is used to control any device wirelessly. We make use of them daily in our various homes. Television remote and Television are the best example of IR transmitter and […]

Automatic water level indicator and controller using ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04)

  Hey guys, this is kayode and together over the next couple of weeks we will be unboxing some really cool projects ranging from home automation systems to home security systems. At the end of each project am very sure that putting together your own project will not be a problem. Let’s get started. In our day to day activities, it is common to have shortage of water or overflow of water in our storage […]